Story 1

Thinking about the youth in my community, I found the lessons to be so relevant. The San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective provided lessons and engaging activities to help youth comprehend and remember the red flags of human trafficking. They also provided a powerful theatre-based assembly that allowed students to examine the different choices they can make to support their peers in this context. After completing this training, I believe human trafficking can be stopped. In addition, I need to help with spreading awareness within our community about human trafficking and what people can do to help.

– San Diego Educator

Story 2

At the end of the program, we had a girl and her teacher come up to us to tell us that after experiencing SDTPC education, she knew her friend was being trafficked. “I had no idea just how much human trafficking has been a problem in the San Diego community. I have always thought of this as something that takes place in other places. I had no idea that this is something that can and does affect our community that I work and live in.” We gave her more information, listened and supported. We were able to point her toward district mental health care workers.

– SDTPC Trained Student with SDTPC Facilitator

Story 3

“They begged me for the SDTPC after school program! Is it today?! Is it today?!” They used to be really mad at their parents if they showed up earlier. They said, “This is the only time that I have to vent, to bond, to be here. So this year was very successful”. One student said, “I know how to be me and I won’t let no one stop me.”

– SDTPC Facilitator




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