The San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective unites three unique programs - PROTECT, Project ROOTS, and kNOw MORE - to bring human trafficking awareness and prevention education to San Diego youth and families. The Collective empowers teachers and students through creative and comprehensive training to understand the dangers and signs of human trafficking in our schools and neighborhoods.

Human Trafficking in San Diego

  • Research estimates an underground sex economy worth $810 million a year

  • Schools across San Diego County have confirmed that traffickers actively recruit children on or near school campuses and use social media to lure and manipulate victims

  • The average age of entry into sex trafficking is 16, with many victims younger

  • 90 percent of high schools studied in San Diego County identified cases of human trafficking involving students



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Our Programs

The SDTPC is educating and empowering students in elementary, middle and high school about the ugly truth of human trafficking in our schools and neighborhoods through a three pronged approach – in-school prevention education, after-school intervention, and interactive multimedia training.


PROTECT (Prevention Organized To Educate Children on Trafficking) is a holistic classroom education program that provides teachers and students with a comprehensive understanding of the dangers and signs of human trafficking and exploitation. Online or in-person staff training, instructional resources and curriculum are available to teachers in elementary, middle and high school. PROTECT helps teachers identify vulnerable students and connect them to the appropriate resources.


Project ROOTS is an after-school program that addresses the root causes of gender-based violence, exploitation, and unhealthy relationships through group mentoring and social emotional learning. As a primary prevention program, it aims to build protective factors in elementary and middle school youth through the three central themes of empathy, equality, and empowerment.


kNOw MORE is a student-centered human trafficking awareness and prevention curriculum for middle and high school students. The program provides a drama-based interactive training for students and their families. Through role-play, discussion and information, participants develop techniques to recognize red flags and vulnerabilities around sex trafficking and what actions to take to prevent it.

Our Partners

In partnership with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office and the UBS Optimus Foundation

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