Our Mission

The San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective brings together three unique anti-trafficking programs - PROTECT, Project Roots, and kNOw More - to decrease the number of children involved in trafficking in San Diego. The collective combines education and advocacy with targeted, interactive interventions to protect children from exploitation. The SDTPC is funded by UBS Optimus Foundation under a three year grant and is sponsored by the District Attorney’s office.


Human Trafficking in San Diego

San Diego ranks in the top 10 worst areas in the nation for human trafficking and research shows it has a booming underground sex economy (est. $810 million underground industry). Schools across our county have confirmed that traffickers actively recruit children on or near campus and use social media as well as friends or family to manipulate and lure victims.

In response, we’ve formed a unique public private partnership between the District Attorney’s Office, the UBS Optimus Foundation, and three community organizations to educate, empower, and ultimately protect our children. This is a partnership with our community - parents and teachers building awareness around Human Trafficking and creating ways to stop the almost 5,000 children and adults who are trafficked in San Diego each year.

Human Trafficking. It ends with us.



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Our Programs

The SDTPC is educating and empowering students between 5th and 12th grade about the ugly truth of human trafficking in our schools and neighborhoods through a three prong approach - in school prevention education, after school intervention, and interactive multimedia training.



PROTECT (Prevention Organized To Educate Children on Trafficking) is a scalable human trafficking prevention education program that teaches students and teachers the signs and tactics of traffickers so they can better protect themselves and others from victimization. PROTECT provides educators with online trainings, downloadable elementary, middle, and high school curricula, and vetted resources to deliver prevention education directly to their students while also trains teachers to identify when a child is at-risk or being trafficked to connect them to the resources they need.


Project Roots is an after-school intervention program that aims to build the resilience of vulnerable children aged 8 - 12 through the provision of group mentoring and coping skills within a safe and trusted environment. Open discussions on real life threats and challenges, peer-to-peer exchanges, and social emotional learning contribute to the participants’ empowerment and ability to make positive life choices.

kNOw More

kNOw More is a student centered human trafficking awareness and prevention curriculum for middle school and high school children from diverse communities in San Diego. It provides an interactive multimedia training for students and their families. Through role play, discussion and information, participants develop techniques to recognize the red flags and vulnerabilities around trafficking.


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We are here to answer questions. If you’d like more information about a specific program, please contact the respective representative listed below.

If you’d like to bring the SDTPC to your school, please contact Don Buchheit.



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