The Problem

Sadly, San Diego County ranks as one of the worst areas for human trafficking in the US. In fact, more than 3,500 children and adults have trafficked each year in San Diego alone. Traffickers actively recruit and groom children as young as 8 years old on or near school campuses, or through online apps. Research shows this underground, illegal sex economy brings in nearly a billion dollars annually, and 80% of local trafficking victims are people born in the US, contrary to common opinion. Anyone can be a victim. Worst of all, the long-term, psychological impact on the survivors of this abuse is immeasurable.
This is why we assembled this unique public-private partnership, the San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective. We offer three unique educational programs to our schools and

community groups – to educate and protect children and the community, creating awareness of the problem and its dangers. We need everyone’s help to stop this terrible menace.

Prevention should reach every child. An educated student is a protected student.

Learn how you can help.


Your donation will be used to prepare, train, educate and empower our schools
to prevent human trafficking.

It’s going to take all of us, working together, to say, “No More!”

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